Rise of the Dracolich

The Obsidian Portal for the Dungeon and Dragons 5e adventure.
Set in The Forgotten Realms , the adventure started off using D&D ‘The Hoard of the Dragon Queen’ campaign but once all players were use to the new 5e system the adventure became customised and aspects taken from THotDQ to create ‘The Rise of the Dracolich’. An adventure where the cult of the dragon, red wizards, dragons and dracoliches are always around the corner.

The Adventurers

Ulaina Junai “Red”
William Dragonspur
Ander Thorne

Recent Adventures

Captured in the sewers
Trouble at the Dragonspur Manor

The Wiki

The People
Azbara Jos

The Locations
The Sword Coast
The Sword Coast North
The Dead Mountains

The Organisations
The Cult of the Dragon

Rise of the dracolich

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